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Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, Canada and North America’s northernmost city with a population of a million plus. We are famous for our love affair with festivals, fabulous shopping, lively arts and music scene, sprawling picturesque river valley, and Instagram-worthy food for every taste. We have world-class venues, all the best hotels and an international airport that flies to 60 worldwide destinations non-stop. We are a modern urban centre in the heart of wilderness, but it’s the warmth of our people and their welcoming spirit that truly make Edmonton different than other cities.


Edmonton is a city that knows what it takes to make amazing happen. Especially when it comes to your next gathering. We’ll take your vision and turn it into “unforgettable” for your delegates. How? With creative solutions, a can-do attitude and a citywide network of doers and makers eager to roll up their sleeves and get things done.

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